Some matters needing attention in installation of diesel gen

With the popularization of diesel generator sets in all walks of life, the corresponding requirements for electrical operation are also higher and higher, especially in commercial and industrial areas. Improper operation of high-power diesel generator sets will not only cause damage to diesel generator sets, but also cause serious safety accidents. Therefore, quark motor has responded to the national safety production policy for many years Experience has summed up the following points:
1. Large and medium-sized diesel generator sets must be equipped with electricians who are familiar with the safety operation regulations of diesel generator sets.
2. The special machine room should do a good job of safety warning signs. When operating the diesel generator set body, it is necessary to give corresponding warning or notice to other staff in advance to avoid electricity use during operation.
3. When live working is carried out on low-voltage equipment due to special needs, other operators must be on site to take care of them, and insulation work and emergency equipment shall be well done at the same time.
4. If the machine is not started for more than three days, the gearbox, clutch and other parts of the unit must be carefully checked before starting, and the machine can be started only after confirming that there is no error.
5. It is necessary to keep the machine room clean at all times, maintain the machine room regularly, and record the repair or parts replacement parts.

Post time: 2020-09-15 10:53