Dongfanghong Open Type 75KW Generator Set

  • Official guide price: 34600 Rise
  • Engine model: LR4M3L-15
  • Fuel consumption: 215 /KW.h
  • Decibel of noise: 83 dB/1m
  • *Three dimensional finite element analysis technology is used to optimize the overall design of the whole machine. Enhanced cooling system and highly reliable intake supercharged intercooling system.
  • *The electric control module can automatically balance the load, and make two or more generators work simultaneously. According to the load size, the generator can be automatically selected for parallel operation or shutdown, so as to achieve the best
  • *The low vortex intake port cylinder head is adopted, and the optimized high-pressure injection system is selected, so that the diesel engine is equipped with constant speed and constant power output characteristics.
  • *The emission meets the national standard and obtains the emission certification of EU E-MARK standard, which provides an excellent integrated power platform for the industry. Excellent fuel economy index, more economical and applicable.
  • Product Detail

    Product parameters

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  • Generator set


    Length(mm)     2300 Engine brand     Dongfanghong
    Width(mm)     1200 Engine model     LR4M3L-15
    Height(mm)     800 conventional power(KW)     86
    Total weight(kg)     1250 Reserve power(KW)     95
    Generator set model     VGF-DFKJ-75 Bore / stroke(mm)     110*125
    Rated power(KW)     75 Number of cylinders(piece)     2
    Actual power(KW)     60 Cylinder arrangement     In-line
    Full load fuel consumption(L)     12.5 Air intake and exhaust mode     Turbo
    Operational duration(Hour)     48 Speed control mode     Electronics
    Overhaul period(Hour)     2000 Rated fuel consumption(g/KW.h)     215
    Maintenance period(Hour)     500
    Life expectancy(Year)     18
    Noise(db)     83
    Starting mode     LCD button auto start
    Stop mode     LCD button auto stop
    Battery matching     60A*2
    Fuel tank(L)     160
    Protection function     Multi function and all-round protection
    Data display mode     LCD control panel digital display
    Reference price(RMB)     34600

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