Brief introduction of vlais silent generator set

The main difference between the silent generator set and the general generator set is that the silent generator set is added with a very effective sound elimination device, which is mainly used in the home and places with high requirements for noise control. Vlais silent generator set has the characteristics of small size, light weight, compact structure, beautiful sound insulation cover, simple disassembly and assembly, easy operation, excellent performance and reliable operation. It is mainly used in hospitals, hotels, hotels, communication industry and other fields. Advantages of protective unit:

1. Beautiful appearance and reasonable structure;

2. Good sealing: rain proof, snow proof, dust-proof, can work in harsh environment;

3. Good safety: fully enclosed box, made of 2mm steel plate;

4. The ventilation inside the box is smooth and the temperature is not easy to be too high to ensure the operation power of the unit;

5. Good sound proof performance: the protection type unit also has the noise reduction performance, carries on the effective noise isolation processing to the box body, causes the unit to reduce part of the noise effectively in the operation;

6. Good operability: Based on the people-oriented guiding ideology, the designers fully consider the convenience and safety of the operators for the oil engine operation.

7. Lifting: in order to facilitate the field transportation, four lifting devices are set on the top of the box body (no simple configuration, please explain when ordering).

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